R.E.A.L. Foundation Accredidations

The R.E.A.L. Foundation is an accredited facility that provides a therapeutic and safe environment for women located in Asheville, NC.  Some of our accreditations include: 

The North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board became a duly chartered corporation in August 1984, and was granted statutory status by N.C.G.S. 90-113.30 of 1994. In 2005, it became mandatory to hold a Board credential in order to practice substance use disorder treatment services.

Peer Support Specialists are people living in recovery with mental illness and / or substance use disorder and who provide support to others whom can benefit from their lived experiences. The North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist Program provides acknowledgment that the peer has met a set of requirements necessary to provide support to individuals with mental health or substance use disorder.

IC&RC promotes public protection by offering internationally-recognized credentials and examinations for prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery professionals.

Certification is a voluntary process whereby professionals with a special interest in providing treatment to substance abusers and their families may receive recognition for their competency. The purpose is to establish professional standards which enable counselors, allied health professionals, health service providers, third party payors, employers, and the general public to recognize qualified professionals in this field.  Since the original founding, IC&RC has developed international standards and testing for the addiction professional working in the area of criminal justice.